Mission and values


  • Our Mission:  Boldly Reaching out in Love Together to Make Disciples for Jesus Christ
  • Our Core Values:   Love - Faith - Truth 
  • Our Vision:  To maintain what works well, to fix or abandon what doesn’t work, and to creatively discover ever effective more ways accomplishing our mission. 

                                                              Our  Methods and Philosophy: 

To accomplish our mission of boldly reaching out in love together to make disciples for Jesus Christ we will prayerfully seek meaningful ways to meet the perceived needs of both our local neighborhood and the communities of our commuting congregation.  As we meet these needs, relationships will form which will allow us to share our better hope. To foster this desired sharing of our faith, our leadership style, our worship service, and our Biblical teaching will focus on the encouragement of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the light of relevant truth.  This focus will include:

•       fostering a culture of loving encouragement where boldness and creativity flourish

•       respecting the traditions of our Church without being held captive to them

•       entrusting our members with opportunities to serve, encouraging an attitude of humility which is necessary to receive training and equipping

•       confronting in love those who obstruct the carrying out of this mission

•       practicing good stewardship in all things to give us the means to accomplish our mission.

 While the specific programs may change as to how we seek to meet the perceived needs of our community and as to how we may reap the interests gained, our church is committed:

•          to maintain with excellence our Church School, Pathfinders, Adventurers, Sabbath School and other programs to nurture our own children and the children of our community in the mind of Jesus Christ.

•          to continue to promote the health and the wellness of our community

•          to offer public invitations to study and worship through all available means

•          to create and offer programs to meet the needs of our community and therefore open to new enriching relationships

•          to continue to worship in a style that is meaningful and relevant to our community of believers, while seeking to include  new worship times and styles that meet the needs of non-traditional or new believers.

•          to offer reaping events in and out of our worship services to help people make decisions to become disciples of Jesus Christ

•          to develop a sense of mission and purpose in our congregation with a focus on those most open to change and a loving acceptance of those most reluctant to change

•          to encourage continued spiritual growth of all ages by offering opportunities for the encouragement and training of our members to serve one another and our community in creative, spiritual-gift oriented ways.

•          to conduct all business and decision-making in openness and transparency,through a supportive environment of prayer  following God’s command to “Come, let us reason together,”Isaiah 1:18.


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